How to Pay your Dues

Anyone who is registered with us can pay their entire bill or any part of it by logging in and then clicking on the button in the top right of your screen. Once logged in, the bell logo links you to the payment option.

If you are not registered, click on the register button; it may take up to 48 hours for an administrator to approve your registration. Our registered members are restricted to current homeowners and management-operated homes. 

Setting up a credit card is easy and quick, but once set up, click on the "Credit/debit card" button to drop down to the one you already set up.
Setting up ACH or an electronic check via your bank account is a slower process, taking about a week. The system is like PayPal's process as the website puts two "micro deposits" in your bank account and asks you to verify the amounts. If you use this method, check your bank every day until you see the micro deposits and then log back into the site and go to the pay option to enter the amount of the micro deposits. After that, you can use that bank account to make payments.  
The cheapest way to pay your dues is to mail a check to Sycamore Village Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 8764, Wichita, KS 67208-0764. Paying online costs a convenience fee; the fee is approximately 1.4% for paying by ACH and a little over 3.2% for paying by credit card. Setting up payment methods makes it easier to pay on an ongoing basis.

After February 1st, dues are past-due and incur 8% per year interest. If we send your account to collection, enter a lien against your property, or garnish your wages, legal costs will be added to your account. 

Use the "House" or "Duplex" pay button to pay the current amount. Amounts will change each month as interest is added. Use the "Other" button to pay any amount, including prepayments for 2021. 

If you need to find out your balance for prior years or have questions contact us at [email protected]. We send out statements on past due accounts and if you are not getting them, send an email to update your mailing address. If you have a foreign address, you will need to set up an email address where your statement can be sent.